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We are running several investment processes, where selected businesses raise funds and investors get chance to see attractive investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs also get an opportunity to profitably sell their businesses.

You can also participate as an Investor both private and institutional. We are looking forward to hearing from you: Invest!

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At this moment we have the following projects in our pipeline:

  • Our client is looking for Farmaceutical businesses and branded products for sale
  • Our client is looking for Medical businesses for sale
  • Equity raising for sales expansion on international markets, telemedical industry, high growth
  • Advertising firm with recorgnised brand in the EU – 100% sale
  • Equity raising for sales expansion, natural cosmetics, own brands, hogh growth dynamics
  • Our client is looking for innovative IT businesses with capital requirements, any size will be considered
  • Our client is looking for retail chains for sale

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