INVEN offers wide range of business advisory and investment banking services. The services include active support in the following fields:

  • Strategic advisory
  • Business development,
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Business disposal
  • Fundraising,
  • Business Valuation,
  • Turnaround management,
  • Implementation of controlling and reporting.

Company staff includes experienced personnel with proven track record in above mentioned fields.


Strategic advisory.

Great business people come up with great business ideas. In many instances however fast growth of the business creates confusion among staff and the leaders on what is the true vision and goal of the company.

We provide the management with business environment and competition analysis, review of potential resources, staff and management appraisal. Our goal is to reduce waste and improve margins for our customer.


Business development.

Introduction of a new product or service on the market requires a lot of attention and strict project management. It requires even more resources when implemented on the remote unknown market.

We are happy to provide our customers with services that include market research, business model development, creation of the business plan, project management, project marketing and financing structuring.

 Mergers, Acuisitions, Business disposal

Growth often requires one business to connect with the other one if only it is profitable for both parties. Sometimes it is necessary to sell the branch due to the need of business concentration or its underperformance.


In all these cases we provide our customer with our experience, advice and the network of potential buyers and sellers.

Every company at certain stage feels the need for additional financing. This usually happens due to additional/unexpected investments, market downfalls or just simply excessive market demand.

Our policy is to firstly review capital spending and capital requirements and then to propose the best possible options for our customer.

Our network includes large private banks, private equity firms, venture capital funds and private investors ready to invest in wide variety of projects.


Business Valuation,

Interest of our customers requires the proper valuation of assets. Thanks to solid business experience we can provide company, asset and business valuations. In case of working on an acquisition we very much focus both on potential chances and risks of particular transaction.


Turnaround management,

Crisis can happen to everyone. It does not always depend on how much we tried or how much sweat and blood the business had took from us. Our seasoned staff has went through many difficult situations and can provide valuable solutions for both the management and investors.

We can also actively participate in the restructuring process by creating cost cutting programs and implementing efficiency improvements.


Implementation of controlling and reporting procedures.

Controlling and reporting are the best ways to avoid crisis. Among them we actively support our customers in financial modeling, implementation of staff appraisal/remuneration systems, cash-flow management and improvement of accounting systems.